Running 5K Races

By Marco Bitran

A 5K is a great starter road race for someone looking to get into road racing. Many company’s, such as Fidelity, Wellington, and other financial firms, run 5K races or sponsor organizations that operate such races. 5K’s can be a great event for the family as a whole, for entrepreneurs and startup fans alike. I have found several running plans online. For example, the Couch to 5K Running Plan and similar programs have inspired and prepared thousands of people to run a 5K. 

Your prior running experience, endurance, cross training experience and other factors will help determine how quickly you should ramp up your mileage. It’s very important not to over-train, and injuries are common. Age, weight, height, strength, and prior conditioning influence how quickly you can move from an inert state to a 5K finish line. And, if you are short like me and many of my friends, running 30 minutes at a beginner’s pace (the goal of many such programs) will NOT allow you to cover 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).